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Most of this is completely out of date and needs an overhaul for which I do not have time right now. But as I wanted to provide links I did not take it down.

Write ups

Decompression theory from the point of view of a theoretical physicist (in German): Dekotheorie


Hier nochmal zum Nachlesen die Slides von den Einheiten Umwelt(0.5MB) und Dekotabelle und Luftverbrauch(3MB, sorry). Kleiner Hinweis: Im acroread kann man mit Strg-L auf den full-screen Modus wechseln und kommt mit Esc wieder raus.


Find my logbook software for Suunto computers here: LogVyper
I wrote it for my Linux system but as it is Perl and CGI and TeX it should run without much work on any UNIX based system and with slightly more work even on Windows.

More recent pictures

Hemmoor Feb 2005
Hemmoor Apr 2007

Some (old, I should put up more recent ones) diving related pictures

This one was taken by Christina at Lobejuhn, near Bitterfeld

These two were taken by Andreas Huss at Hemmoor. Thanks for sending these pics!

A more recent one is this (also Loebejuehn):

I have written a web based dive log with TeX output and an interface to my Aladin dive computer. It runs under Linux and stores data in an SQL database. NOTE: This is not maintained anymore. Check out the recent version for the Vyper (and compatible) here
Some thoughts on why not to use an octopus.
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